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How Regularly Should You Schedule Professional House Cleaning?

How often should you schedule professional house cleaning? Once a month? Biweekly? Once a year? Once a week? 

Health is wealth, and a professional home cleaning schedule ensures a  healthy, relaxed living space. Yet, figuring out the right frequency for professional cleaning services can be tricky.

Before deciding on the exact frequency that’s right for your household, it’s essential to understand the deciding factors, some of which include:

Household size

When deciding how often to schedule cleaning services, one of the critical factors to remember is the size of your household. 

Homes with larger families or more residents may find that they need cleaning sessions more often. This is often due to increased foot traffic and the frequent use of various areas throughout the house, necessitating more regular upkeep to maintain cleanliness and comfort for everyone.

Patterns of usage

It's essential to grasp how different areas in your home are used regularly. Spaces with high activity levels, like the kitchen or living room, demand special attention. 

Giving these areas more frequent cleaning sessions can help uphold a consistently tidy and hygienic environment, thus ensuring a comfortable living space for everyone in the household.

Presence of pets

Pets play a significant role in how clean your home stays. Their fur-shedding, playful antics, and occasional accidents can significantly impact cleanliness. 

If you have pets in the house, you’ll need a more frequent cleaning schedule to deal with pet hair and dander, especially if someone in the house has allergies.


Considering your budget is crucial when deciding how frequently to book a cleaning service. 

Take a good look at your financial situation to find a cleaning schedule that meets your household's needs and fits comfortably within your budget. 

Balancing these factors ensures a clean home without straining your finances.

Setting the cleaning frequency

Cleaning professionals provide a range of scheduling options tailored to accommodate diverse needs:

Weekly cleaning

This is ideal for homes that demand consistent maintenance and upkeep, especially those with larger families or busy activity levels throughout various areas of the house. This cleaning schedule ensures that the home remains consistently tidy and pleasant, giving attention to the needs of a busy household.

Bi-weekly cleaning

Bi-weekly cleaning is a balanced option for many households, offering a middle ground between frequent maintenance and tight budget considerations.

Monthly cleaning

This cleaning schedule is suitable for homes requiring less frequent professional intervention or as an additional service to complement your maintenance routines. 

It's ideal for households that may not need regular cleaning assistance but could benefit from occasional professional support to maintain a consistently clean environment.

Embrace a clean and hygienic home with Clean Space Zen’s recurrent cleaning 

Keeping your home clean requires making thoughtful choices considering essential factors, and it’s important to choose the cleaning frequency that perfectly suits your household's specific needs and preferences.

Clean Space Zen’s recurrent cleaning services can help eliminate stress and guarantee a healthy space for you and your loved ones. Call for a FREE estimate today. 



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