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Keeping a Clean Home During the Holidays

The holiday festivities are upon us! There are lights and decorations to hang up, gifts to buy and wrap, and loved ones to visit, among other activities. It's easy to lose track of simple things like cleaning routines, and nobody wants a dirty holiday home. Here are some tips for keeping your home clean during the holiday:

Do a thorough cleanup before the holidays

Knowing how busy you can get during the holiday, you can take a weekend off just before the holidays to properly clean your home. Wash and scrub the floors, dust, remove cobwebs, polish surfaces, wash the drapes, etc. Ensure that your home is thoroughly cleaned before the holidays so that you don't have much to do during the holidays.

Declutter your home

There's no better time to get rid of things that are no longer in use than during the holidays. You could donate some of the good stuff to charity or sell them off. After all, you'll get many gifts during the holiday. Decluttering your home makes cleaning easier, and there are fewer places for dirt to hide.

Ensure your home is clean before hanging decorations

Hanging up the decorations is an essential holiday tradition. However, hanging them up in a dirty home will make it difficult to clean the space properly. It's best to clean your home before hanging up your holiday decorations so that you don't have dust and dirt clinging to the decorations.

Keep up with your routines

With all the exciting holiday activities to keep up with, you might forget your cleaning routines like laundry, floor cleaning, and dishes. Once you start to neglect your cleaning routines, you start to breed dirt in your home. As much as it will be a little tasking, ensure to keep up with your cleaning routines during the holidays.

Be modest with decorations

Too much of anything is bad, even holiday decorations. Too many decorations make your home look cluttered and untidy, making the space feel small and difficult to clean. It also provides more hiding space for dirt and dust that probably won't be cleaned until the decorations are taken down. Moderation with your decorations will make cleaning your home during the holidays easier.

Get help when you need it

Don't expect to do everything by yourself. There's a lot to do during the holiday, such as shopping, gift wrapping, cooking, and entertaining guests.

Handling it all by yourself can be very exhausting. It's a good idea to enlist other people in the house to help with keeping the home clean and tidy. You could allocate tasks to each person to make the burden less on yourself.

Hire professional cleaning services

You can save yourself all the stress by hiring professional cleaning services to help keep your home clean during the holidays. Reach out to Clean Space Zen to handle your holiday cleaning. We’ll worry about keeping your home clean and tidy while you focus on having a great time with friends and family.



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